On Saturday 30th May, the Warriors has their annual Player Awards evening. Well done to all the players this season and to the winners of the awards.


The Coronavirus and Annan Rugby. Stay safe and wash your hands....

Photos and Videos Page Update

The Photos and Videos page has been updated to make it easier to find your favorite Annan Rugby match, try or highlight.

Weekend Team News: 14th/15th March 2020

Scotland match on at the Clubhouse while the 1st XV and 2nd XV are at home on Saturday. On Sunday the hP1-P7 Tigers are at Violetbank while the U15 Girls are hopefully in action....

Weekend Team News (plus Wed): 29th/1st March 2020

The Hornets, 1st XV, U14 Tigers, Warriors and P4-P5 Tigers all in action this week. Busy few days for the black and amber........
Nicole and the Warriors

Weekend Team News: 15th/16th February 2020

Match on Tuesday for the U14 Tigers. On Saturday the 1st and 2nd XV are on the road, while on Sunday the 18 Hornet players are in Cup action and the P1-P7 Tigers are off to Dumfries....
100 Up Neal


The latest scores from the 1st and 2nd XV who played on Saturday while the Warriors, Hornets and U14 Tigers all play on Sunday....
1st XV v Garnock


The 1st XV lose big while the Hornets and Warriors both win.....

Warriors Receive Their New Polo Shirts: 11th January 2020

The Warriors receiving their new polo tops thanks to Lisa, owner of the Powfoot Hotel....
The Annan Warriors

Warriors National Plate Fixtures Announced: 10th January 2020

The Warriors 2020 season is soon to start, and the national plate cup fixtures have been released .
Rainbow Laces

Supporting Rainbow Laces at Annan Rugby

The Warriors haven't had a game throughout the Rainbow Laces Campaign, however they are proud to show their support at training!...
Chisholm Cup Winners Again

Weekend Team News: 30th November/1st December 2019

6 teams/squads in action this weekend. 1st and 2nd XV on the road on Saturday. On Sunday, the U14 and U16 Hornets are at home while the Warriors and U16 Tigers are on the road

Weekend Team News: 23rd/24th November 2019

6 teams/squads in action this weekend. 1st and 2nd XV at home on Saturday. On Sunday, U14 Tigers and 3 Hornets squads all on the road. The U16 Tigers match has been postponed while the Warriors match has been cancelled.

End of Weekend Summary: 16th/17th November 2019

All the weekend results - The 1st XV, The U14 and U16 Tigers win, the P1-P7 Tigers are always winners. Alas the Warriors go down to Heriots Ladies.....

Weekend Team News: 16th/17th November 2019

7 teams/squads in action this weekend. 1st on Saturday while on Sunday its the 2nd Violetbank Mini Tournament and Warriors and U14 Tigers at home. U16 Tigers on the road.,,,
U16 players

End of Weekend Summary: 9th/10th November 2019

All the weekend results - The 2nd XV match was cancelled. The 1st XV lose while on Sunday its a mixed bag, the U14 Tigers still 100% though...
Chelsea Barnes on her way


Double success as Annan Rugby win the Scottish Rugby Try of the Month for both men and women....
Teams in action

Weekend Team News: 9th/10th November 2019

10 teams/squads in action this weekend. 1st and 2nd XV on Saturday and 8 teams/squads in action on the Sunday. Busy, busy, busy....

End of Weekend Summary: 2nd/3rd November 2019

All the weekend results and website updates. In summary: twas a great weekend for Annan Rugby - with 9 wins, 2 loses and a draw for the 6 Annan teams in action.....
Mon The Chelsea

Weekend Team News: 2nd/3rd November 2019

7 teams in action this weekend. 2nd XV on Saturday plus World Cup Final on at 17 Bank Street and 6 on Sunday - all go once again.......