5TH – 11TH FEBRUARY 2024

As we highlight another important date in our club to raise awareness and keeping the focus on the importance of mental health in our minds, this weeks being attention to Children’s Mental Health, the theme this year being Every Voice Matters, My Voice Matters.

Children have sometimes different ways of communicating depending on a range of factors including their age, special needs, culture interests and personality.

Hopefully as we celebrate this week, we commit to empowering children and supporting their mental wellbeing by listening to their voices, understanding their needs, and providing a nurturing  environment, so by spreading awareness, breaking stigma and championing the mental health needs of young children together we can make a difference and ensure that every child’s voice truly matters.

Please if in any need of support, advice or information – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Laura and Alison at Annan Rugby, we are only a phone call away, and will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Remember you are not alone

Take care


Also here at Annan Rugby our mental health and wellbeing coordinators are Laura Mackay and Alison Martin, if you need any more information or just a confidential chat, you can contact Laura or Alison on:

Laura’s mobile: 0780 866 0753 / Email:

Alison’s mobile: 07730 791751 / Email:

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