We here at Annan Rugby are totally committed to The Mental Health and Wellbeing of all our Coaches, Players, Volunteers, and anyone associated with the club.

We would like to highlight World Suicide Prevention Day, a most important day with 1 in 3 people struggling with their Mental Health at some point in their lives.

A message from Laura MacKay

September is Suicide Awareness Month, but on the 10th of this month is a day that is selected to focus more discussion and raise awareness on Suicide Prevention and share support and practices on how we can create a world where fewer people die by suicide.

At any one time, around 1 in 25 people are contemplating taking their own life. On average 2 people commit suicide in Scotland every day. Unfortunately not just a number but someone’s family, friend, work colleague or teammate.

Men are 3 times more likely to die by suicide than women and although there has been a slight reduction in recent years, the numbers are still very concerning. This is also includes the numbers of cases in children and young adults 

And as we try to come to terms with the aftermath of the pandemic and all the problems and adjustments to peoples lives, we are also now having to deal with a backlog in professional services that deal with mental health problems and with the cost of living crisis affecting so many people, these are adding to people’s stress and anxiety.

This is why it is so important to get immediate help and support, as every life does matter.

At Annan Rugby our mental health and wellbeing officer is myself Laura MacKay.

Mobile: 07808660753  / Email:

This is info is also on our website (, which is available if you need any support or a chat or just to guide you to the support that’s out there.

Also on our website is a list of organisations that help 24/7 on all aspects of awareness and support and includes help tones for young children and young adults also for parents as as anyone experiencing problems.

There are also some local groups that do great work and support young people in the region and also have a free text messaging service available if you need it.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or one of these organisations as help is there to support anyone that needs it.

I would also like to add about our Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops at Annan Rugby

We are looking at starting these sessions, W/C the 26th September, and they are for all age groups. Dates and times will be send out accordingly.

Looking at 1-3 sessions per age group going forward. With possible update sessions as the season continues.

We hope everyone will support and attend these as much as they can.

Thanks Laura and take care

And remember you are not alone. If you need support we can help to get you help you need or guide you to what support is there for you,


Signs to look out for that a person may be feeling under distress and suicidal include:

(Source: NHS Inform: Suicide Information)

  • Sharing feelings of hopelessness
  • Episodes of sudden rage and anger
  • Act recklessly and engage in risky activities with an apparent lack of concern about the consequences
  • Talking about feeling trapped, such as saying they can’t see any way out of their current situation
  • A change in their appetite leading to weight gain or loss 
  • Become increasingly withdrawn from friends, family and society 
  • Appearing anxious and agitated
  • Being unable to sleep or they sleep all the time
  • Sudden mood swings – a sudden lift in mood after a period of depression could indicate they have made the decision to attempt suicide
  • Talking and acting in ways that suggests their life has no sense of purpose
  • Loss of interest in most things, including their appearance.

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