7TH – 13TH FEBRUARY 2022

Sadly the numbers of Children affected by mental health problems are forever increasing and with the impact of lockdown the health and wellbeing of our children are ever more relevant.

1 in 20 children have considered suicide or self harmed in the last 12 months of the pandemic, that’s 2 or 3 in each classroom. Also 44% of children have reported feeling anxious and 28% feeling lonely.

1 in 10 children were bullied online last year alone.

50% of mental ill-health starts by age 14 and 75% develops by age 18.

These are very worrying numbers, we need to support our young people, so as part of the week, we at Annan Rugby would just like to highlight this and to let anyone and everyone know, if you are experiencing a mental health problem, help and support is always available.

Below is a list of numbers of charities and website, that aim at the younger people affected and also a parents/carers number.


Also here at Annan Rugby our mental health and wellbeing coordinator is Laura Mackay, if you need any more information or just a chat, you can contact Laura on:

Mobile: 07808660753 / Email:

There is also further support and information on our Mental Health and Wellbeing page, with support from our partners at LooseHeadz 



Would also like to remind folks that our U14-U15 boys are doing a sponsored walk around the outskirts of Annan on Saturday 19th of February, and part of their funds that will be raised is going towards Papyrus, a charity for the preventions of young suicides.

If you want to sponsor a player, please contact one of the players or team manager Alison Martin on 07730 791 751.

So get out if you can and support the boys on a very worthwhile cause.

Thank you.

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