We here at Annan Rugby are totally committed to The Mental Health and Wellbeing of all our Coaches, Players, Volunteers, and anyone associated with the club.

We would like to highlight World Suicide Prevention Day, a most important day with 1 in 3 people struggling with their Mental Health at some point in their lives.

Two people die by suicide in Scotland everyday and it is a fact that talking can save lives by talking more openly about suicide, suicidal thoughts or even feeling lost, unsure and anxious about things.

Especially now after the past 18 months of uncertainty through Covid, research shows that talking about it can reduce the stigma out there which prevents many seeking the help they need.

There are a lot of organisations out there that can help and have listed a few below with all their information if needed.

As we start to meet up again with friends, family and everyone getting back to a normal life again, please remember that there could be someone out there who is needing help. 

Whether it be family members, teammates, friends it sometimes just takes a simple line like “How are you today” that can have a world of difference to someone struggling, that someone cares.


Signs to look out for that a person may be feeling under distress and suicidal include:

(Source: NHS Inform: Suicide Information)

  • Sharing feelings of hopelessness
  • Episodes of sudden rage and anger
  • Act recklessly and engage in risky activities with an apparent lack of concern about the consequences
  • Talking about feeling trapped, such as saying they can’t see any way out of their current situation
  • A change in their appetite leading to weight gain or loss 
  • Become increasingly withdrawn from friends, family and society 
  • Appearing anxious and agitated
  • Being unable to sleep or they sleep all the time
  • Sudden mood swings – a sudden lift in mood after a period of depression could indicate they have made the decision to attempt suicide
  • Talking and acting in ways that suggests their life has no sense of purpose
  • Loss of interest in most things, including their appearance.

As you know Annan Rugby have partnered up with The Looseheadz Foundation to Support Players, Coaches, Staff and Volunteers.

Their mission is simple; use our platform to find new and innovative ways to advance the dialogue around mental health.

Here at Annan Rugby our Mental Health Co-ordinator is


If you need any more information or just a chat you can contact Laura on:-

Mobile: 07808660753  / Email:

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