29TH JUNE 2021

Match Report from: Coach Billy Henderson

With all the Annan girls a little apprehensive about playing Dumfries @ Park Farm, a great venue for rugby, against a team with more players and a considerable number of formidable size, a great game of rugby was the main result of the day.

All girls, Annan and Dumfries alike, played with great sportsmanship, especially Dumfries who even clapped as the Annan team scored their tries.

No. 13 who played Scrum Half for Dumfries was throughout each quarter a thorn in the Annan side.

There were some impressive dropkicks by Niamh and Sarah.

Annan Player Season/Game Appraisal:

Nieve Morrin – First game for the Hornets and showed a natural talent for the game, an immaculate tackler with 2 fearless scores, certainly one to look out for in the future, will be dangerous to the opposition once her rugby knowledge develops.

Milly Anderson – Could push Zoe at a sprint, we are very pleased to have her in the Hornets, her rugby knowledge is developing, at one point in the game put in an impressive 3 tackles on the belt end, which made the coach smile.

Ellie Henderson – Smashed into her opposition and showed the value of a powerful player, missed a couple of important tackles on the day but soon made up for it with her good awareness and try scoring. Will be a big miss to the Hornets.

Adya Chierchia – One of her best games, no tries but for others to shine someone has to carry out all the non-glamorous work. In action all day.

Holly Clark – Carried, tackled, supported all day, took her try well and worked her socks off, I almost enjoyed watching her frustration at being substituted, it shows a great willingness to compete and a genuine love of the game, no one should make it easy for a coach to take you off.

Ellie Smith– Great at receiving kick off, good running and tackling, still a very young player but her rugby knowledge is great to see, looking forward to a good future in rugby.

Rhianna Parker-Clevett – Worked hard all game in every aspect, always a smile on her face, great attitude, a pleasure to have coached and will be another huge miss to the Hornets and sad to see her go.

Abbie Notman – Scummaged well, gave some good hard yards with ball in hand, an excellent tackle rate with good carries, an all-round performance.

Ellie Notman – Youngest member of the team, gave some good runs and secured the ball for Nieve M to score, as her rugby knowledge improves she will have the potential for a great future playing rugby.

Sarah Hunter – Throughout the game she showed her strength for bursting through tackles, some great carries and a tireless attitude, a thrill to watch in action.

Niamh Ross – Youthful player with great sharpness and good tactical awareness, likes to test the Referee’s knowledge of the game, has a great rapport with Zoe, good support and offload including a good aptitude for pick up and go.

Zoe Mitchell – One to keep an eye on. Always looking for the gap, great supporter of the ball carriers. Always has a great attitude and her
athleticism results in some spectacular tries.

Lexie Glendinning – Been a Hornets player for years, has an outstanding knowledge of the game, always a joy to watch, hopefully will help me out at Hornets training, been a pleasure to have coached and again sad to see go. Did everything right during the game, great tackler, went to the 2nd row to help the team and willing to go to hooker as well, fellow coaches and Scotland coaches hold her in high regard.

Drew Ross – New to rugby, burst onto the scene in the past month, great potential, willing to sacrifice a wing position to help out in the scum, not been given much space lately to run the tries in, gets herself low and tackles the legs, if the legs are tied up the body can’t run! Well done. Once she starts looking for space her addition to the team will be something wonderful to look forward to.

Captain Lexie picked Nieve Morrin and Milly Anderson as her players of the match, hard to argue with that as their sheer enthusiasm was infectious to all around them, the fact this was both girls first ever contact rugby match was quite amazing. Witnessing this new rank of players to the team puts a smile on your face.

All in all a good way to end the season and hoping the girls will all continue playing rugby and those eligible will return next year.

I would like to thank my fellow coaches this year: Ellie Henderson, Abbie Clark, Nicole Barlow, Lilly Glendinning and Kayleigh Warwick, who have brought a breadth of knowledge to the team and have kept spirits high during a difficult year.

Thanks must also go to all the parents etc. for transporting girls to training, helping in the Grubber, and every player for giving their all at

In the near future we will meet at Violetbank in the Robertson Lounge and watch the match video of the game and ask Club President to carry out an analysis of the game followed by a pizza/food night.

Thank you all.


U16-U18 Hornets – class of 2020/21