P4-P5 Match report from: Neil Moffat

Sunday saw the P4/5 section enjoy their second ‘inhouse’ tournament of the season.

The 15 player were split into 4 team’s. Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, and Panthers.

They played a round robin style tournament with games lasting 5 minutes with a quick change between.

The mighty Lion Tigers

All the players showed great improvement from the previous tournament having realised they can actually pass the ball in rugby!

The games never lacked physicality either with some great technique and commitment on show.

After an hour and fifteen minutes of running around the coaches called it a day, well played all involved.

Thanks to the parents for supporting the event and to the Referees for the day who just managed to keep the players (and coaches) in check!

Coaches: Neil Moffat

Team Managers: Emma Mechan / Heather Tinning

P6-P7 Match report from: Jordan Paterson

The P6/7 competition was in full swing on the fresh Sunday morning with 19 players stepping in ready to play.

The coaches split the whole team in 2 having  9 v 9 with a rotating substitution.

The game kicked off with each team battling it out to be victorious.

The opening try came from Ben R, it was a fantastic solo try wiggling his way through every player.

The game was a 14 try game with 8 tries from team A and 6 tries coming from Team B.

P6-P7 Tigers at Violetbank

Tackling was a key feature in this tournament with players hitting low and being in control stopping players in their tracks but moving to game 2 you could see the fatigue slowly approaching as tries were still coming in with the second game being an 11 try game with Team A with 6 tries and Team B with 5.

Team A were playing well. The last game featured 10 v 9 with Team B having the extra player to help them overcome their defeats but it was not enough as Team A had scored 7 tries with only 1 try coming from Team B.

Overall another fantastic competition and loads of improvements from the last match. Moving forward the coaches are looking to progress key skills whilst developing areas needing to improve.

33 tries from the P6/7 tournament came from Ben R x 6, Ryan x 4, Shaenagh x 3, Malachi x 4, Josie x 3, Dan x 3, Lucas x 2, Ben Q x 2, Elliot x 2, Ava x 1, Cooper x 1, Hayden x 1, McKinley x 1.

Well done to all Players. Also thanks to all who supported the Players.

Coaches: Callum Smith & Jordan Paterson

Team Manager: Heather Tinning

The P1-3 Tigers were also up at Violetbank, 13 micro Tigers giving their thumbs up to a great day of rugby!

The P1-P3 Mighty Tigers