13TH JUNE 2021

P1 MATCH REPORT FROM: Craig Johnstone – Coach

Newton Stewart was the venue this week for the five enthusiastic P1 Micros.

Unlike the weather, they did not disappoint, playing in three exciting games where they showed off some excellent rugby skills.

Fast passing, which in turn produced some great forward attacking runs and the Micros also stayed strong in defence, with some excellent defensive tackles, preventing a number of Newton Stewart advances and tries.

To top off a great Micros performance, all of the five players scored at least one try each which is an excellent effort by all.

A big well done, an excellent way to sign off the season, I am very proud of you all!

Players: Jack, Jessica, Leo, Lewis O, Toby

The mightiest tigers.

P2/3 MATCH REPORT FROM: Lindsey Kyle – Coach/Team Manager

This is the first time in a while that I have watched the older kids in the group play rugby and I was so impressed with the progress that they have made over the last few months.

They played 6-a-side against three strong Newton Stewart teams and I rotated the players in and out regularly, which they coped fantastically with, coming on and slotting into the game with no problems at all.

They all made sure they were in space to receive a quick offload and carried the ball forward strongly. Their passing was excellent, with very few not making it to the intended player’s hands and also managed to turn the ball over a few times.

Newton Stewart’s defence was strong, especially on their try line but the Micros persevered and would eventually find the space to get through and score.

In defence, they had to be up quick to stop Newton Stewart’s speedy runners and are working on making sure they get those two-handed tackles in.

Everyone played their part today; it was a fantastic team effort and many great tries were scored in all games by both teams.

A great way to finish the season and they did the Club proud!

Players: Alisha, Blake F, Cole I, Frazer, Greg, Lewis E, Louie, Olivia, Tom

The mighty P1-P3 Tigers