U15 Match Report from: Billy Henderson

We arrived at a sunny Mayport after a extra hour in bed. We had 13 U15 hornets, we got 2 girls from Penrith and 3 from Carlisle so we had a full team and subs. We played a Cumbria select.

We had a big win after some great plays of rugby but my negative for today is we had slow reactions at the breakdown, we need to get quicker over the ball.

Kara had her best game for Annan today with excellent running with ball in hand.

Lucy started the game as openside flanker to make use of her tactical knowledge. Lucy was great in attack and defence with a couple of 50 meter runs to the line. She was also captain for the day.

Holly also had her best game today her aggression and good determination shone through. She had great tackling and good yards made using hand offs.

Eva had a typical Eva game with almost everything right and her usual gutsy performance.

Heidi started off on the wing as being one of the younger players, with a couple of runs up the wing. She has a good understanding of rugby for her age.

Hannah is still in her first year of rugby and is improving all the time she is a determined strong runner today she got one try.

Murren also new to rugby is not scared to get stuck in with a couple of runs with the ball.

Abby started of as number 8 and went to center later on, she played her normal game with good awareness that doesn’t let you down especially in the loose play.

Ellie is new to the game learning all the time with good runs unlucky not to score.

Niamh started the game off as scrum half and was moved to stand off later on to give her a better understanding of the game. Great passing from the scrum and snipping runs

Erin is one of the best tacklers in the team and you need to be very good to get past her she played on the wing and was willing to play prop to help the team out.

Zoe is personally my man off the match playing full back from receiving kicks to cover tackling and running in the scores including a kick and chase which they impeded her a penalty try for.

Sarah started off as stand off and moved to full back later on with powerful running and good angled runs her last score came from a planned penalty move from the opposition 22 running without a hand being laid on her.

Try Scorers: Kara (2), Sarah (3), Lucy (3), Hannah (1), Zoe (3) Holly (1), Carlisle (1)

Also a few conversions by Sarah and Lucy

Thank you Netherhall for inviting us to a Cumbria festival and Penrith and Carlisle for playing with us



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