U14 Hornets Match Report from: Neil Bell

Annan U14 Hornets travelled up to Cumnock for a SRU arranged tournament. Annan has low numbers today due to other commitments, so arrived with only 5 girls. We joined up with Stewarty who had the same numbers. It’s was decided to play 7 a side of rugby for 12 minutes.

First up was a derby game against Dumfries. Who has 2 teams at this tournament at U14 level. Annan/ Stewarty coming winners of this game 8-0 scorers were Heidi, Eva, Murren Niamh getting 2 and Carla and Freya from Stewarty getting one each.

Our next Opponent were Wigtownshire/Cumnock. Annan/Stewarty winning this 10-1 Scorers were Heidi, Carla, Murren, Hannah 2, Eva 2, Niamh 3.

Our 3rd game was against Ayr. Annan/Stewarty winning this hard fought match 4-1 tries coming from Carla 2, Niamh 2

Our last game was against another Wigtownshire team. Annan/Stewarty winning this 6-1 scores coming from Eva, Niamh 2, Murren 3.

The Hornets played some really good rugby today and supported the ball carriers at all times. Our tackling as improved a lot since the start of the season everyone tackling below the waist and no penalties being given for high tackles

Combined U14 Team

Combined U14 Team

Annan players today were:

Eva Graham (Captain) – Eva leads from the front by some strong runs and a try saving tackle a good captain today and 4 tries to go with it.

Niamh Ross (Vice Captain) – Niamh seems to really suit playing the scrum half role. She scored most of Annan tries today but she had work hard for them. She has really come in with her fitness now.

Hannah Colledge
– Hannah been playing with us for a year now and today was her best game I’ve seen her play. Lots of nice low hard tackles and some breaking runs to score her tries.

Heidi Jamieson – Heidi best game for the U14 to date our youngest girl playing today but lots of experience as she been playing for Moffat at Primary level. Keep working Heidi

Murren Thin-Smith
– Muzz has come on leaps and bound this last 4 weeks. Our smallest girl on the pitch but not afraid to tackle anyone now and supporter her fellow players every time we go forward and now scoring tries

If I have to give girl of the tournament I’ll give it to Murren as she worked so hard today a benefited by getting a Hat-trick

Many thanks to Stewarty for joining up and your girls have a bright a future in rugby with Stewartry Sirens from what I saw today

Thanks also to the parents that came along to support your girls and see the benefit of the girls hard work they do at training (sometimes)

U16 Hornets Match Report from: Lexie Glendinning

Match 1: Annan vs Wigtownshire

Annan’s first game took them a while to get into against a well structured Wigtownshire team. Lucy S and Holly C put in great tackles on the Wigtownshire girls but they were still able to run through and score a try against Annan.

Annan reacting slow to rucks allowing them opponent team to win the ball in them resulted in Wigtownshire scoring another try. Annan girls came back with a try from Sarah H running through the middle of the Wigtownshire team with no one able to get hold of her to stop her.

Annan ran at them again with great handling from Lucy S and Holly C who got the ball to Lexie G who was able to make a run to the try line a score giving Annan another try.

With Annan defence getting better and Kara J starting to win some rucks they were able to stop Wigtownshire scoring.

Annan girls got a few knocks which team defence went down hill allowing Wigtownshire to get through again and score the last try of the game.

Match 2: Annan vs Ardrossan

From the start of the game Annan was running strong lines up against a well built Ardrossan team with Sarah H breaking through to score the first try out of many.

Annan defence line being up sharp and not letting Ardrossan through to get tries. Annan girls tried their new penalty move out which was excellently done by Holly C, Kara J and Erin E resulting in creating space and Sarah H being able to run through the space scoring another try.

Even though Annan were playing a great game the girls still were not fast enough to rucks and turn over to the other team and them being able to use their strong runners to get 2 tries against Annan.

But Annan came back at them with Kara J doing the dummy pass confusing the opponent players and space got made with her being able to run an amazing try.

Speedy Zoe M ran through their defence to score 2 tries with the opponent team being miles of catching her.

Match 3: Annan vs Ayr

Ayr was a mature strong side with good tacklers and runners but Annan started strong with Kara J running through the line but getting tackled and Lucy S secured the ruck confidently protecting the ball which led to Sarah getting the ball and being able to run and score a great try.

Annan was getting tired and defence work rate went down hill but they kept up their strong attack against Ayr’s hard defensive line. Ayr got a try.

Annans defence started getting better and they started to put more pressure on Ayr which led to them panicking and dropping the ball more. Holly C and Erin E putting in strong tackles keeping Ayr away from their line.

Ayr closer to Annan’s line with a scrum and Lucy S being quick up as 9 of the ruck panicking Ayr to make mistakes dropping the ball. Zoe made a try saving tackle.

Unfortunately Ayr broke through the line to the last try of the game.

Match 4: Annan vs Cumnock

Annan’s last game and the girls start strong with Zoe M running through to get a try also Kara J running through to get another try using her dummy pass again to confuse the opponent team.

The team improved on their rucking being over quickly and being able to win the ball also putting in low great tackles. A very stronger runner made it through the Annan defence line but Annan reacted with a try from Lucy S who was able to reach the line after a great pass from Holly C who got the ball from a run from Kara J.

With the opponent team feeling pressured they dropped the ball which Lexie G reacted quickly to picked up and ran to score a try. Zoe kicked the ball upfield with skill she was able to revive the ball back herself and score a try. Makayla supported Zoe M in her runs and was their in case Zoe M got caught.

The girls played a very tough 4 games but never stopped trying and all achieved their target set by Billy Henderson in the game.

Annan U16 Hornets

Annan U16 Hornets