President Gary Couplands summary of the year

“Thanks to everyone for coming to our AGM, in these strange times.  I’d also like to thank Marion for allowing us to use her Barn.

Prior to the arrival of the COVID 19 pandemic, the past season was a bit of a transitional season for all the senior teams, with a number of players, retiring or otherwise moving on, which meant that both the senior men and women were in a position to consolidate their positions in their respective leagues.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the season was the introduction of a number of youth players into all the senior teams, from the Club youth system.   It is also testament to the clubs strength in depth and the resurgence of the 2nd XV that the 1st XV Squad had at the time of lockdown being introduced used 35 players.

Our micro, mini and youth sections are also going growing with the Club on occasion putting out 10 separate teams at various age groups over the season. 

We have recruited a number of youth coaches over the year, however due to the increasing numbers and a few people stepping down we still require more help, both in terms of coaching but also refereeing, so if any senior players, ex players or other members feel they could assist with any of the youth teams please speak to myself or Nicole after the meeting.

A number of individuals were also recognised at national and regional level during what playing season we had, Two of the club’s Senior players, Ryan Hetherington and Chelsea Barnes were also the recipients of the SRU National Try of the month award for October for the senior men’s and Women’s Categories. 

I’m sure but for the COVID restrictions both would have been in with a shout in their respective categories for try of the season at the Scottish Rugby end of Season Awards.

Lilly Glendinning, Lexi Steele and Ellie Henderson were also selected for the Scotland U20 and U18 Futures Squads as well as Aaron Carmichael and Ryan Armstrong being invited to train for selection to the Glasgow U18 Squad.

Special mention should also go to Ben Latimer, who was chosen by Scottish Rugby as the Mitsubishi Young Volunteer of the season (2019/20) for the Glasgow South Region for his involvement coaching, refereeing and volunteering at the club. as well as playing and training for the U16 team.

Fiona Latimer and Lesley Ewing are also stepping down from their roles as Vice President (Commercial) and Club Treasurer.  I would like to thank you both, for your contribution to the Club and support to me personally over the past few years.

I think everyone will agree the significant time and effort you have both put into the Club during your respective tenures has left us in a much better position than a lot of sports clubs both in a general sense and to manage our way through the current COVID 19 crisis.

Muff is also standing down as Head Coach of the Senior Coaching Team, to take on a more strategic role, within the club. Muff has held the position for 9 years which has seen the club win 2 league titles unbeaten, a West Shield final, being awarded the SRU Club of the year, Annandale and Eskdale team of the year and both Muff and Baz being joint Coaches of the year at the Annandale and Eskdale Sports Awards.  Well done Muff and thank to for your work and commitment with the teams and the club in that role.

I’d also like to formally announce that Gordon Carmichael will take on the head coach role from this season for the senior men’s group and will be ably assisted by myself, Jack Tinning, Babe Graham, Gav Lynch and some of the senior playing squad.

I’d also like to thank Nicole Barlow for covering the various coaching inputs at local primary schools, Annan Academy, School Health and holiday rugby camps and wish her all the best for the coming season as Club Youth Development Coach.

I would now like to thank those coaches and team managers who are stepping down this year: Neil Bell, Jim Tweedie, Calum Heughan, Lynn Aitchison and Ghislaine Duncan.

A number of others, Alan and Gus Robertson for their ongoing tireless efforts with match and other photos, press reports, and the club web and social media pages. Dave Fisher who is stepping down from maintaining our first Aid Kits and sourcing medical supplies. Jordan Paterson for his input with all the senior squads.

All our sponsors, fundraisers, Staff, Coaches, volunteers, players and members without whom the Club could not have functioned both financially and on a day to day level.

Although we are in uncertain times due to COVID and its continuing impact upon the club, I’d like to think that as we emerge from these difficult times we  can still continue to be forward looking, optimistic and continue the development and successes of recent years. 

But to do that can I encourage everyone to pull together and continue to support the club.  There are still a large number of challenges the club faces notwithstanding COVID, including potential changes in the National Funding Structure, player numbers, facilities and funding around all that.

Thank You

Gary Coupland

Annan Rugby President”


President: Gary Coupland

Vice President Commercial: Neil Moffat

Vice President Rugby: Colin Warrick

Treasurer: Niall Smith

Secretary: Ed Woodman

Fixture Secretary: Sean Haren

Referee Secretary: Niall Smith

Ordinary Committee Members: Colin McCann, Billy Henderson, Laura McKay, Gordon Carmichael, Ryan Glass, Heather Tinning, Craig Johnstone, Jack Tinning, Neal Coupland, Tam Sloan, Abbie Clark and Lindsey Kyle

Head Men’s Coach:  Gogs Carmichael

Head Warrior’s Coach: Colin Warrick

Other Senior Coaches: Gary Coupland, Jack Tinning. Gav Lynch and Babe Graham

1st XV Captain: Andrew Jancey

1st Vice Captain: Sean Haren

Warrior’s Captain:  Nicole Barlow

Warrior’s Vice Captain: Chelsea Barnes.

2nd XV Captain: Ben Conroy

2nd XV Vice Captain: Ross Brown

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