The benefits of participation in sport are widely recognised, not just in terms of health but in building confidence, teamwork and friendships. Scottish Rugby’s Values of Leadership, Engagement, Achievement, Enjoyment and Respect apply across all areas of our sport, from mini rugby through to our international teams.

Integral to our ability to achieve these objectives is maintaining the long-term financial health and sustainability of our member clubs.

The Scottish Rugby Council’s Standing Committee on Governance was asked to bring forward proposals to regulate the payment of players within our club game.

The Standing Committee consulted widely on this matter, and received a clear message that financial sustainability and fair competition must be at the heart of Scottish club game. This was reflected in the Report of the Standing Committee published during January 2019.

The player payment proposals arising from the Report of the Standing Committee have now been endorsed by Scottish Rugby and are reflected in the attached Policy and Regulation.

To support this Policy and Regulation, Scottish Rugby will also provide advice and guidance to those players, clubs and volunteers who are the heartbeat of our game.

We will also continue to monitor best practice in this area and will, where necessary and appropriate, update our Policy and Regulation as required.

MARK DODSON Chief Executive Scottish Rugby June 2020

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